Tution teacher my girl friend


Hi this john I am regular reader of this iss stories site I am going to tell the real story of my experience with my teacher named Ajitha who is my gf now.

The story starts with my result of second become examination in the second year I had lost one of my papers (auditing)so I and my friends go to the our auditing teacher for tuition and she welcomed us and we all was very happy my teacher was very beautiful and have a good body shape with slim body at first site I was astonished by her lovely face and with her body but I didn’t had any bad intentions with her and our tuitions were going as usual and were getting good comfortable tuition there and she knows the subject and how to teach it all of you should know that she is pg rank holder.

All of the day tuition starts at after college but on Sundays it will be from 10 to 4 at that day there will be more free time at that time my friend will talk with the girls coming for tuition there but I will sit simply there but one day Ajitha miss came and sit near me and start to talk with me I also talk to her frankly and during the talks ask her what is her age she didn’t answer me and I ask her that she might be over 25 or26 because she completed her pg before 3 yrs I seen her certificate I asked her why u not getting married on that she told me that her horoscope will allow her marriage only at 29 yrs and I said I feel sorry for u because at such a long age for marriage and I ask how will u control u desires she get angry with me such talking and went in side I followed her said sorry she said ok and I once more asked how will u control u desires she asking why r u asking this topic I said that I am very eager to know she said wait after tuition student will left and my mom will go to the temple and then I want to talk to u ok I also said ok after the tuition all of my friends left and her mom had went to the temple and she asked me to stay there till she comes she will come only by 7 because in temple there were many rituals I said ok after that my Ajitha miss came me and told that she is 27 yrs all her friend get married and told about their night with their hues so he would masturbate with her finger and with banana on hearing this I asked can I satisfy her she said no she will do sex with only with her hues only I said there are 2 yrs for that at that I will satisfy her by saying this I hugged her tightly and kissed hard on her lips.

Though her body was lean, yet her big boos hard pressed on my chest separated our bodies I virtually licked her small face at time she was struggling and I kiss her lips hard I bite lips then I sucked both her lips separately I pull hard her pallu from her breast her pallu fell down and her blouse was there I began to massage her boobs her struggling began slow and I know that she too is getting horny I asked her to wet her lips by her tongue with the saliva. Then I sucked both her lips separately. She extended her tongue and I sucked it hard and hardly began to remove the blouse and pallu completely now she was in inner skirt and bra I unhooked her bras. Wohhh…. As if two bulls released from their cages charge at a matador her big boobs jumped out menacingly. The boobs were round, may be 36C size, not proportionate to her body. They were really irresistible. All hell broke inside me and I virtually grabbed at them. I still can not remember what I did with those big boobs. Man! Was I kissing or licking or caressing or pressing or squeezing or sucking her boobs? Rather, I did mix up all. I knew it was not unusual for a man who had gone mad with excessive sexual urge to behave the way I did. I removed her skirt and panty too. She was having her stockings only. I found her pussy small with a little growth of hairs. As I kept my hand on her pussy, she jerked a little. Perhaps she felt awkward to remain nude while I was dressed.

She wanted me to lay on my back on the bed. I obeyed. As if removing the clothes before dressing up a wound, she removed my dresses one by one. She eyed on my jumpy erect cock. I could not sustain any longer with her standing nude by my side. I grabbed at her, pulled her up and thrown on my body. She lay with her boobs pressed on my chest. I embraced her upper body tightly with my hands and at the same time held her lower body wrapped with my legs. She seemed to lay pasted on my body like a sticker except for her big boobs which separated us. I held her head with both of my hands and rammed her lips with kisses after kisses in a raining manner. I did that as if I won’t get another time, but true also.

Since she was shorter in height, I made her move higher. I made her upper body at an elevated angle with her elbows resting on my sides. Now her big boobs were hanging close to my face. This positioning made her pussy rub on my cock once or twice, but I left it alone. I caught of her hanging boobs with both of my hands and began to caress them in circular motions. Her nipples became firm, hard and erect. Yeah, she has big brown aureoles and nipples. I squeezed her breasts the way I never wanted to squeeze any other lady’s boobs before.

She asked smilingly “Did you like my boobs”? I said “Even a saint can’t say ‘No’.

“Then, open your mouth” she asked me.

As I did, she inserted and thrust her left boob into my mouth. I liked the way she did. I must say only a little portion of her boob went inside. But soon I began to suck it madly. I held her other boob and began to squeeze it. She enjoyed it by looking at my face the way a mother looks at the face of a baby sucking her milky boobs. I think I spent nearly 15 minutes sucking and squeezing her boobs.

Then she said reluctantly: “Dear, my boob’s pain now. Can’t you do something to alleviate it by massaging them in some other way?”

When I said ‘sure’, she asked me to go ahead. I moved her body down to my crotch. I asked her to place her boobs on my hot, erect cock which she did smilingly. She knew what was to be done. Holding my cock, she rubbed and pressed my cock over her boobs. Then, keeping my cock in the cleavage she held her boobs tightly together keeping my cock tightly sandwiched between them. I began to thrust my cock as if fucking her boobs. As this went on for quite sometime, I felt darkness around my eyes out of the extreme pleasures I was getting.

I felt I was about to cum and I did not want to waste my ejaculation. So, I asked her to lay on my body immediately on opposite direction (like 69). She did so. I divided her legs and thighs wide apart exposing her little pussy which became wet now. I rammed my mouth hard onto her pussy, kissing and licking it madly. For the first time, she began to moan. She said she was getting tickling and titillations. This encouraged me further. I rubbed her pussy with my chin and cheeks. She enjoyed it very much. Then I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and found her hole. Though her whole vulva area was small, I found her hole a little bigger. I began my attempt to shoot my tongue into her tunnel. Though her pussy was wet, I could not make much progress. Then I inserted one finger, later followed by second to make room. Then I could succeed. Excepting for moaning and writhing, she did not move.

As soon as my tongue began to probe and twist inside her, she grabbed at my erect cock and thrust it inside her mouth. She began to suck it very hard. Now, it was my turn to moan. I became aware she gulped down my pre-cum while I swallowed her juices. Though I wanted to retain my erection for long for her continued sucking, I could not make it. Within 3-4 minutes, I exploded and filled her mouth with my fluid. She swallowed it all, yet continued with the sucking my slowly withdrawing cock. I concentrated on sucking her vagina. Though she was lean and thin, but she had high sustainability. It took nearly five minutes of my continued sucking for her to climax and cum straight into my mouth. I swallowed all her juices greedily. Then apart for some time and then She bolted the doors She looked at my face and the erecting cock simultaneously. Then I mounted on her. She guided my cock into her pussy. It easily slipped into her tunnel as it was already wet and juicy. Once it was fully inside her, she circled her legs and clasped my body tightly with her legs. I did not bother to think about any safe aspect about unwanted pregnancy as she was a trained nurse who knew it much better. Defeating my assumption, she first started making upward thrust with her pussy. I punched her tunnel hard with my cock in quick successive thrusts. She was an expert alright; she gave me extra pleasure by tightening the grip on my cock by contracting her vaginal muscles. I literally ploughed her pussy in extreme pleasures. Surprisingly I was moaning and she was not.

It occurred to me suddenly she was more receptive and eager to satisfy me than helping herself. I remembered it was only during my sucking her pussy she moaned. Yet, I enquired and she asked me to satisfy myself first. I knew there was no question of my helping her to attain orgasm first. I admired her in my mind and continued with the onslaught of my assault. I shook her entire body and the metallic cot violently with each of my forward thrusts. However, I wished if she was a little fleshy I could have enjoyed the lovemaking more. And within next four minutes or so, I climaxed pumping my entire fluid deep inside her. She allowed me to rest on her body keeping my cock buried inside her pussy.

Later, I took out my weak cock which almost slipped out from her juicy pussy with my cum. I deliberately licked and sucked her pussy for sometime. We rested lying side by side. It took another 25 minutes or so for me to get into mood. At this time she asked me if I minded to satisfy her the way she wanted. That really surprised me. I said that was my extreme pleasure and asked her which way she wanted it.

She did not utter a single word. She stood on floor and took me also off bed. Then she bent her upper body resting on bed, keeping her legs widely separated resting on floor. She asked me to penetrate her pussy from back and cup her boobs. And she requested me to fuck her with as much force as I could. I thought….oh…she fancied the doggy style. I took the position behind her and drove my cock deep into her. I slid my hands around her body and cupped her big boobs. Then I rammed and punched her vagina with heavy forward thrusts with my cock. I was really surprised when she asked me to thrust exactly the way a dog deep-fucked a bitch in a crouching manner. I looked no further and really accelerated. I wondered if my balls too would go inside her the way I thrust myself into her because the cot began to move inch by inch. I saw her face turned upward, eyes closed and mouth wide open. She moaned “Ah…aahh…aaahhh…aaaahhhh….” In extended tunes rhythmically to my successive thrusts with increased force. Suddenly I adopted my deep-breathing technique fearing I may climax before her. Luckily for me, within next two minutes, she attained orgasm limping to the bed with a discharge flowing out of her vagina. Within seconds I too reached climax.

As we lay side by side, I knew our conditions were pathetic. Both of us were fully exhausted. I felt my cock burn with pain out of the heavy thrusts made into her lean and thin body. She was licking my face in admiration. She admitted nobody had bothered to give preference for her satisfaction, rather were selfish to satisfy themselves. It was I who acceded to her request for the first time. After sometime, I found her dress up leaving her bras and panty behind. She left the room.

After checking her colleagues downstairs, she came back in no time and made herself nude again. Truly speaking, I was really tired and in no mood for lovemaking for some time. I wished she would not request for any more session soon, but of course she did. I casually asked her what she had in mind. I nearly collapsed knowing her wild imagination and fantasy, the strangest one I had ever heard of. She wanted me to fuck her in raping manner. As I stood puzzled as I would never rape a girl, she consoled me it was all a drama. Seeing my weak condition, she agreed to start it after half-an-hour or more.

I lay on my back with my eyes closed. I suddenly woke up sensing my cock being licked. It took sometime for me to realize where I was. My wrist watch showed I slept for nearly 40 minutes. I found her sitting by my legs and licking the entire length of my cock. Sensations from my cock sent impulses to my brain which made my cock erect again. She became happy and smiled at me. I remembered about her fantasy and asked her to be prepared for it. I grabbed at her body in a violent jerk and shoved her on to bed. Erasing her smile on her lips very quickly, she pretended to protest pushing me off from her. I mounted on her sitting near her thighs. I caught hold of her hands with mine and pinned them on bed in extended manner. For the first time, I realized having undermined a girl’s strength. With one quick shove she made me off balanced nearly tripping to the floor. She ran towards the door, as if to escape, but not opening the bolt. I rushed after her, grabbed her again. As she was not coming with me rather struggling, I lifted her while she hit my body with her hands and legs, of course painlessly (as if in a drama).

I made her lay on her back again and in one quick jump, I mounted on her. This time I pinned her down on the bed with more force. She struggled under me and my vice clutches. She quickly moved her face sideways preventing me to kiss her. Pressing with my own head making her head unable to move, I rammed kiss after kiss on her lips. As she tried to move her legs to kick at my body (of course, in the drama) I pinned her legs too pressing with me very hard.

Now the problem occurred. I was unable to drive my cock into her pussy while she moved her body and buttocks continuously. I tried several times still I could not succeed. Lastly she remained motionless till I penetrated fully. Later she began to move her body while I fucked her. Once my cock slipped out of her vagina and she had to remain motionless again to allow its insertion. Then I continued to fuck her violently. Though I was supposed to look tough, at times I smiled at myself considering what a paradox is it. Within next 3-4 minutes, I reached climax and she knew it as she felt her canal filled up with my fluid. She quit her acting soon and keeping my ejaculated cock inside her she began to give upward thrusts. Luckily again, she reached orgasm soon. Though she praised me highly, I too enjoyed some strange pleasures hitherto unknown to me derived out of lovemaking in a raping manner. And there after we make love when I and her get chances in college or in my house or in my friends house and now she is my gf or keep or wife I cant say what she is for me now she is willing to marry me or she will be girl friend for me she will do any thing for me.

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